COVID-19 Response Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm working, do I still need to complete time cards and turn them in?

Yes. It is very important for time cards to be recieved on time for continued services. Due to staff working wihin a modified environment and schedule, processing timelines for payroll are strict.

Why didn't I recieved supplemental pay in March?

March supplemental hours were calculated utilizing a 12 month average. If actual time submitted via time cards was in ecess of your average hours supplemental pay was not issued.

How will my average number of hours worked be calculated?

Hours will be calculated based on the previous 12 months of work (3/1/2019-2/29/2020). Beginning April 1st, average hours will be calculated based on number of months employed with the agency if less than 12 months.

Will my average be affected if I am scheduled to recieve new clients?

No, your average hours worked will be based on your previous 12 months worked.

For Routine RCPs, will mileage continue to be reimbursed?

Individuals continueing to provide services & submitting time cards will recieved mileage reimbursement according to reported information. Mileage will not be included in issued supplemental pay.

Will I still recieve direct deposit?

Yes. Employees who are already enrolled in direct deposit will continue to recieve this method of payment.

Where will I get my live check?

Employees not enrolled in direct deposit or Aline Pay Card, will recieve a live check via regular mail. Checks will be mailed directly from the payroll distributor. Office employees will not have the ability to track location of checks in the mail. Please esnsure that your mailing address is accurate in myADP and update it needed.

What happens to the consumer's hours? Will they be avaliable in tome following closure?

Due to the State of Emergency issued by our State, hours are reported based on average use levels. The DDS or Regional Center have not given directives that the structure of authorized hours will change. Therefore, hours will only be avaliable as described by the Regional Center in the calendar months assigned. Any updates with regard to service hours handling will be posted on our website as avaliable.

Can I use sick leave hours to supplement loss of hours?

Employee may choose to use avaliable sick leave to supplement their loss of hours during this time. Sick leave is to be used according to the Agency's Sick Leave Policy.

Am I able to provide services in the way of tutoring or other involvement via web call/conference?

No. This proposed method of services does not meet the requirements of the Respite Program regulations.

Is the Office open?

At this time, our branch offices are not open to the public. Most staff is working remotely and will be able to attend to your concern by email or phone.

When can I start to work again?

You may start back to work immediately with one household. You may respond to the message recieved with the name of the household that you will be working with.

What if I am not able to work due to this current pandemic? Will I be penalized?

If you are unable to work, please notify your HR Representative right away. HR wil record the reason that you are unable to work for employment record. Respite Care Providers wil lnot recieve employment related penalities for absences related to the pandemic.

Where should I turn in my paperwork or Timecard?

We encourage electronic submission of all timecards or other paperwork via email. If you are unalbe to utilize email you may submit at the Corona Branch Office drop box or sent via mail to one of our branch office addresses: Email: - / Corona: 1250 Corona Pointe Court, Suite #210 Corona, CA. 92879 Indio: 36943 Cook Street, Suite 102 Palm Desert, CA. 92211 - NEW ADDRESS

Can I continue to see all of my clients?

If you regularly see more than one household, this will need to be adjusted. Due to the risk involved, caregivers should only be seeing consumers within the same household at this time. Our admin staff will work together with you and the families to resolve this.

Will there be protective equipment provided to me if I continue to provide respite?

At this time, supplies are depleted on a global level. While we are continuing to look for options of propective equipment, it is not possible to supply at this time. Please refer to our COVID-19 web page for RCP Company Guidance when providing respite during the pandemic.

Will we be able to get new clients right now?

New clients will be assigned on a case by case basis. The agency is looking to ensure that Respite Care Providers and families are paried adequately. If you have no clients assigned and would like to work, please contact your HR Representative.

What do I do if I begin to get sick?

If you begin to feel ill, do not provide services and notify you HR Representative right away. If your symptoms are aligned with COVID-19, we recommend that you follow the local guidance for testing and/or treatment.

I've elected not to provide/recieve respite services for the time being. When will normal respite operations resume?

We are going our best to navigate servicing during the State of Emergency and Shenter at Home Order as a result of this pandemic. We will continue to follow recommendations from Health Officials and announce updates on returning to normal respite operations as soon as possible.

My normal work hours have been reduced due to a COVID-19 related issue. What can I do to supplement the loss of hours?

Employees with a loss of work hours are eligible to file for State Unemployment Benefits. Please visit for more information.

My CPR/First Aid Certificate will expire or has expired. Can I still provide services? How do I recertify?

Yes. All CPR/Firs Aid Certifications will be permitted to lapse until further notice. Once normal operations resume, all employees will be required to re-certify in an in-class setting. We offer free Medic First Aid classes to all employees.

Will I get paid if I've chosen not to work during this time?

The agency is in constant evaluation of the ability to provide ongoing supplemental pay. At this time, supplemental pay has been approved for all active employees hired on or before 4/1/2020.

When will supplemental pay be issued?

Supplemental pay will be issued for a full month at a time. This type of pay will not be distributed during regular payroll cycles. Employees can expect to recieve supplemental pay one business day after their scheduled regular pay date of the 10th for the following month.

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