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Elder Bathroom Safety 101

If you have an elderly loved one, we understand how important their safety is to you! At Inland Respite, our knowledgeable caregiving team has all of the tips you need to help create a safe home environment for your elderly loved one or aging disabled family member. Bathroom safety is a very important concept when it comes to creating this environment. In today’s blog, we will share the information you need to turn a bathroom into a safe location for your elderly family member and reduce the risk of them being harmed while using the restroom or bathing. There are many dangers that can happen in bathrooms, but with the right precautions, these accidents can be avoided and prevented.

elderly woman in shower, on seat holding handrails

Independent Living for Seniors

Something important to many seniors is maintaining their sense of independence. Although we want to support our loved ones, this can often lead to them being injured or put in harm's way — especially when it comes to safety in the bathroom. Whether you are in need of in-home assisted living services or simply guidance on how to make the bathroom a safe location for your elderly loved one to use independently, Inland Respite is here for you!

steel handrail in bathroom

Invest in the Right Equipment

Investing in the right equipment and tools for your bathroom can help prevent any accidents from happening. Safety measures such as grab bars or safety rails for the shower and toilet can help your loved one from slipping and injuring themselves during a shower, while a raised toilet can make it easier for them to sit and stand. Even something as simple as brighter lighting in the room can make a difference when it comes to bathroom safety for the elderly.

steel handrail in bathroom

Keep the Bathroom Clean and Safe

Avoid any unnecessary clutter in the bathroom in order to make it a safe environment. Keeping multiple items out on the countertops or in the shower can pose a risk of knocking items over, tripping over them, or increasing the stress of navigating the restroom independently. It’s best if everything in the bathroom has a designated spot that is out of the path of your loved one, but where they can still easily access it when needed.

nonslip rug in bathroom

Reduce Slip Risks

One of the most common types of injuries in the bathroom for elderly people is falling. To avoid falls, you will want to reduce any possible risks of slipping in the area. This can mean additional equipment, such as non-slip shower mats instead of rugs and shower chairs, to help them safely carry out their routine. Another consideration may be renovations for making the bathroom easier to navigate. A bathtub can be harder to enter than a walk-in shower, although this might not be a realistic change for every household. A transfer bench can also assist with the fall risk a bathtub poses.

accessible toilet

Learn About Bathroom Safety for the Elderly

In order to provide a safe environment and support independent living for seniors, you should stay up to date on bathroom safety for the elderly. As new technology is released, or new safety tips are learned, you’ll always want to keep an open mind about making changes and adjustments to provide the easiest use for seniors.

nurse helping patient in home

Find Support When You Need It, In-Home Assisted Living Services

If your loved one is having difficulty safely using the bathroom and bathing on their own despite these safety precautions, it might be time to find additional support. At Inland Respite, we provide quality care for disabled seniors. Assistance with their daily needs is just one of the many benefits of considering respite care, which includes helping our clients with their bathroom routine. For more information, or to learn when it is time to turn to respite care, our team is always available to answer your questions and provide you with information.

With modifications and additional safety precautions, your elderly loved one will have the safe bathroom environment they are in need of. For additional assistance, respite care is a wonderful option for helping disabled seniors navigate the bathroom safely. Inland Respite is here for you and your family, contact us today to learn more about in-home assisted living for seniors!

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