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Five Ways You Can Improve Your Aging Parent’s Home Environment Safety

As our parents age, it’s only natural to worry about their safety while they continue their independent lifestyle. Helping them create a safe home environment can go a long way when it comes to preventing accidents and encouraging safety. At Inland Respite, we give families the support they need to continue providing care for the senior members of their family, whether through our tips for encouraging safe independent living for seniors or our in-home assisted living services with respite care. In today’s blog, we will give five of our top recommendations for improving your aging parent’s home environment and safety.

well-lit kitchen and dining

Adequate Lighting Throughout the Home

Making sure the home is well-lit will help your elderly loved one navigate their space easier. Independent living for seniors can be a safer experience when you ensure that all areas have proper lighting to increase comfort, visibility, and mobility. Seniors will be able to spot items that they need easier, they will feel more confident going about their usual activities, and will have less chance of falling over an object that they cannot see in the dark. We also encourage the use of night lights for increased visibility in the dark, especially when seniors need to get up in the night and make their way to the bathroom.

woman with call button around neck

Make Assistance Easily Available

Providing your aging parent or loved one with plenty of resources for assistance will increase their safety. With the use of smart technology, this is easier than ever! At Inland Respite, we recommend investing in smart home devices that can be activated with voice recognition, a telephone that your loved one knows how to use well, or even medical alert devices to call for emergency services when needed. All of these tools will help elderly folks contact their family or additional support if they are home alone. Even something as simple as keeping a list of important contact information in reach will help them stay connected with their support system.

fire extinguisher in home

Fire Safety

Fire safety is something you will want to consider when creating a safe home environment for seniors. Take time to ensure your loved one knows what to do in case of an emergency, such as accessing a fire extinguisher, the quickest route to safety, and how to contact emergency services. There should also be fire extinguishers in any room where there is a high fire risk, especially in the kitchen. Testing and replacing the batteries on smoke detectors can also reduce the hazard of an unknown fire in your loved one’s home.

grab bar in bathroom

Reduce Fall Risks

Falling is a prevalent risk factor for seniors living independently, so reducing fall hazards is a major part of increasing their well-being. Cleaning up clutter and mess around the home will make it easier for your loved one to get around on their own without the risk of tripping or colliding with a mess. Removing area rugs and bathmats can prevent slips and the resulting injuries, and adding additional aids around the home such as shower chairs and grab bars will also improve their welfare.

secure front door


Home security will bring you and your elderly parent peace of mind. Whether this means checking all of the locks on doors and windows around the home or installing a home security system, you’ll want to ensure that seniors are not the target of home invasions when living independently. Take any precautions that will help them feel safer in their home!

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