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Good Mental Health Practices for Parents During COVID-19

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. And it’s a crucial time for us to reflect on our health — both physical and mental. While it’s more important than ever to care for our bodies and our immune systems, it’s equally important to care for our minds as we’ve lost many of the social activities and recreational outlets that we used to enjoy. Here at Inland Respite, we aim to support families here in Southern California by lending a helping hand during these trying times. And we’d like to take a moment to offer up a list of good mental health practices that you can employ as we near the end of this pandemic. As always, you can count on us for respite care, when you need to take care of self-care, while we take care of your loved one — simply reach out to us if you’re looking for a respite care provider. Now, let’s take a fresh look at some mental health care practices you can employ in your day to day to stay sharp, happy, and healthy!


Breathing and Meditation

Breathing exercises and meditation can work wonders to calm the mind. While we may feel pent up in our own homes during these times, these practices can help us to rediscover ourselves, recenter, and gain a breath of fresh air. Meditation and deep breathing exercises help our minds to reset, which can be greatly beneficial during the pandemic, where our daily routines may be even more repetitive than ever.


Eating Right

While it’s easy to pick up the phone and order out, now is actually the perfect time to hone your cooking skills (or to try out cooking, if you aren’t already a chef). Fill your cart (or e-cart) with fresh veggies and other healthy goodies and pick up a healthy cookbook (or jump online) for excellent recipes. If you really don’t have the talent or the time for the kitchen, you can try out healthy go-tos for those who are on the go, like Freshly and HelloFresh, which provide healthy, easyprep meals sent straight to your door.


Deep Sleep

Sleep may seem like the easiest, most attainable item on this list while we’re pent up at home. However, people may feel stressed out and even overworked with new work-from-home routines and new schooling schedules. Your sleep routine may be interrupted, irregular, or impossible to maintain. Yet sleep remains one of the healthiest things we can do. Strive to work out, destress, and adjust your eating schedule to terminate a few hours before your head hits the pillow. Feel free to nap if you can take restful naps that don’t disrupt your nightly sleep. Consider trying supplements like melatonin and valerian root, or try out a nighttime tea made to aid in sleep.



As we just mentioned, exercise can help you to sleep. On top of that, exercise helps to reset your brain, and it helps to flood it with endorphins, which help us feel good. Our brains and our bodies are connected, and exercise can work wonders to improve our mood and mental state. Find a routine that works for you. Consider relaxing yoga and sun-filled outdoor activities, which can be doubly beneficial for the mind.


Moderate Stress

Moderating stress is easier said than done. But we can all take measures to reduce stress in our day to day. Be mindful of the signs of stress out there: Tense shoulders, short breathing, headaches, junk food binges, etc. When you notice these signs, take a step back, take a breath, and do something to break the cycle. Find an activity that fits you, your likes and dislikes, and your lifestyle. Try a hot bath, a quick jog, a chapter of a book — you name it.


We’re Here When You Need Us

If you feel overworked, stressed out, or helpless, know that we’re here for you. Inland Respite provides parents throughout Southern California with much deserved respite care services. Count on us to care for your child as you care for your own mental health. It’s easy to get started. Simply reach out to us with your inquiries, and we’ll help you to connect with the right caretaker for your child. Please, call us today to learn more!

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