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How to Celebrate Your Child's Talents

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

How to Celebrate Your Child's Talents inland respite socal

Each and every child and person are individuals with unique talents, personality, and characteristics that make them special. As we journey through life, we learn along the way what we are good at and what we enjoy doing with the hopes of using our talents to not only find our purpose, but also to help people, too. As a parent of a child with a developmental disability, your focus can be so intent on correcting behaviors and helping them gain social skills in order to make a positive contribution to society that you can forget to celebrate their talents.

Inland Respite offers in-home respite care in Southern California. Our team of caring and compassionate caregivers who have been thoroughly screened love coming into your home and lending a helping hand. It's important as a caregiver to take a break and allow another kind soul to help with your developmentally disabled child or adult. From providing companion care to assisting with daily living, our team can help. Below, we'll offer up tips on how to celebrate your child's talents. Contact us for the best in-home caregiver program today!


Be in the Moment

It can be so easy as parents to be thinking of a thousand things at once that we miss the small moments that matter, from our kids telling us about their days at school to the latest antics the family pet has performed. It's super important to be in the moment with your child. This will also allow you to celebrate the little moments that add up to the bigger moments. When your child brings you a stick drawing, hang it up with pride. Soon, that stick drawing will turn into a person who may eventually turn into a burgeoning art career. Talent always starts out raw; be a cheerleader so that the raw will turn into refinement.

Offer Praise