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Remote Learning Tips for Children With Disabilities

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Remote learning is a challenge for everyone, from teachers to parents to students. And this pandemic has shown us just how difficult it can be for everyone to adapt. Beyond that, parents of children with disabilities have even greater obstacles, since they must balance work, life, and unique schooling challenges that other parents may not encounter. Do you find yourself in this situation? If you’re like many of our neighbors here in Southern California, you may feel overwhelmed, juggling new remote learning demands with your day to day lifestyle. So, how can you help your child to thrive while taking care of yourself? Today, we’re offering up a few tips that you can try. As always, you can count on Inland Respite to connect you with professional respite care providers who specialize in care for children with disabilities — we’re here to help! Simply reach out to us to get started if you need a helping hand.

Speak With Your Teachers

As we mentioned, every child is different, and that’s a fact that every teacher knows. Work with your child’s teachers to help them understand your child’s unique needs, communication preferences, and learning strengths and challenges.

Set Aside a Learning Space

If you can spare the space in your home, a dedicated space can work wonders to help your child focus on their studies. Consider setting up a dedicated “office” for your child, with a desk, comfortable chair, and a computer. Have the standard supplies ready, including paper and pens/pencils for note taking. Have your child provide you with input on what they’d like to have in their learning space.

Identify Your Child’s Unique Needs

Every child has different learning preferences, different strengths, and different obstacles to overcome. If your child struggles with online learning, consider working through lessons with them. Or if your child doesn’t want to do homework after lessons, encourage them with positive reinforcement. Reward them for completing their homework. Try new techniques with your child as they navigate through these remote learn