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Support Groups for Parents with Children with Developmental Disabilities

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Support Groups for Parents with Children with Developmental Disabilities inland respite socal

While parenting is extremely rewarding, it most definitely is not without its challenges. Infants need around-the-clock care, but parents see hope as they grow that they will become more independent so that they can gain a bit more of their own independence back. But when you are raising a child with a developmental disability, independence may be much harder to come by.

Inland Respite offers respite care services for children with disabilities and for adults as well. Our companion caregivers are fully vetted and have years of experience in offering superb care. You can choose which caregiver suits you and your family. When you need a break, we're here for you. We serve all of Southern California. Below, we'll go over many different types of support groups for parents with children with developmental disabilities. Call us for your self-care needs today!


Local Support Groups

With 6.6 million special needs children of school age, odds are, there are many parents in your local community who are facing the same struggles and challenges that you are facing. There is something to be said when people who are facing the same challenges in life come together. There is a synergy that is hard to beat, and many friendships are formed when you get together with local families. This is an invaluable resource for parents with children with developmental disabilities that is most definitely worth checking out.


Regional Support Groups

The internet is a great tool, and it helps parents with children with developmental disabilities get in contact with each other and offer each other support. Regional support groups are great resources for parents who are looking for advice, support, resources, services, webinars, conferences, and so much more. Furthermore, there are support groups for different age groups and family situations as well. The only downside to regional support groups is that it may be a bit of a commute for get-togethers. However, as mentioned before, the internet brings us all closer together, making this a viable option for many parents.


National Groups

National organizations serve the entire country with their support services for children with developmental disabilities. They are usually non-profits, and they tend to have many resources available due to the fact that they have large donors and support. Some of them do offer local chapters that you can find help, too. Their staff would have a wide knowledge base you could draw upon. They can help with many aspects of parenting with a child with developmental disabilities, such as helping you find a school, helping you with Social Security, adult benefits, and housing. Plus, a national support group usually holds an annual conference that you might be interested in attending. Conferences are a great way to find support, hear about the latest research and trends, and find answers to questions.

Advocacy Groups

Advocacy groups are not your typical support groups in the fact that they don't necessarily offer services. Instead these groups are primarily formed to lobby local, state, and national organizations for their cause and to secure funding for treatments, cures, and the like for developmental conditions. Many parents have a passion for advocacy, and thus are eager to get involved to help make a difference in the special needs community as a whole. That being said, there are some advocacy groups that sponsor local events, offer summer camps, and offer financial support to local support groups as well.


School-Based Support Groups

A school makes up a small community in and of itself and is a place where many parents can find support. School-based support groups for parents with children with developmental disabilities are primarily for advocating for special needs children within the school district only. This means that they will address any issues parents have with schools, lobby for support services, such as therapists and aids, and offer support to parents within the school district. This is a great place to find out what other support groups are available, and if they are worth your time, as well as a great place to make friends.


Online Support Groups

With online support groups, you have the opportunity to find a group that meets your specific needs. For example, you may be looking for a support group for a very specific type of learning disability that is not available at the local, regional, or national level. Perhaps you are looking for advice on how to navigate a divorce with a special needs child or other specific topics. When you go online, you can find people around the world who can help.


Group Therapy

Sometimes you just need help yourself personally. Raising a special needs child can be emotionally and physically exhausting. You probably have a wide range of feelings, fears, and anxieties. You could be feeling financial strain as you go from doctor to doctor in an effort to discover help for your child with a developmental disability. You may be feeling overwhelmed as well. All of this can lead you to seek group therapy outside of support groups that are specifically for special needs. This can be a relief to parents who just don't know where to turn.


Inland Respite understands the stress, pressures, and strains that parents with developmentally disabled children face. Our mission is to help relieve some of the stress and emotional burden that you feel by providing you with exceptional respite care for children. You can rest assured that when you take the time you need for yourself to recharge that your child will be in the best of hands. Our companion caregivers go through a rigorous selection process, and you can choose one you think would be the best fit for your child. Based in Southern California, our team is here for you.

Don't wait and let it get to the point where you feel hopeless. Call Inland Respite for some well-deserved free time and self care today!

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