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Top 5 Self-Care Ideas for Moms with Developmentally Disabled Children

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Top 5 Self-Care Ideas for Moms with Developmentally Disabled Children inland respite socal

Moms with developmentally disabled children face unique challenges. Odds are, you spend the majority of your time caring for your child, from researching and seeking out the best help and treatments for your child to finding the perfect school and fostering friendships. Your days are full with care for your child plus all of the other mom duties. And if you have other children, your job just got even harder.

Inland Respite has a heart for parents with developmentally disabled children and adults whom they care for. We operate a respite care program throughout Southern California. Our team comprised compassionate and caring in-home caregivers who offer breaks for parents. We can provide companion care, assist with daily living needs, tasks, and routines, and help to maintain a safe home environment while you are away. Every parent needs a break, and those who are constantly in demand as the parent of a special needs child especially need one. Below, we'll offer up our list of the top five self-care ideas for moms with developmentally disabled children. Contact us for your next break today!



Ask for Help

Too many moms attempt to be "super mom." From doing all of the care-taking of your developmentally child yourself to cooking, cleaning, running errands, planning family get-togethers and trips, and ensuring every holiday is perfect. If you go all day long with no down time, soon enough you will burn out. Instead, give yourself a break and find support where you need it. From community and professional support to family and peer support, there is no shortage of groups who have come together to give each other a helping hand.

Follow Your Passions

It's all too easy as moms to let motherhood be all-consuming. You can spend all of your time caring and doing for your developmentally disabled child that you forget to do things for yourself. This is one of the quickest ways to not only lead to burn out, but to also lead to resentment, anger, and maybe even depression. Whether your passion is painting, writing, exercising, or hiking, be sure to schedule your hobbies and don't push them aside when things come up. If you want to spice things up, try out some new interest you have and see where it leads. You never know when you'll find your next fun right around the corner.