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Types of Respite Care

Caregiver caring for a disabled man

Respite care involves caregiving for any elderly, ill, or disabled individual, giving some personal time to the primary caregiver. This provides caregivers much deserved time to themselves, whether for relaxation or just taking care of other activities, while their loved one is looked after by a professional.

At Inland Respite, Inc., we work closely with our clients to give the best respite care options for them. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Caregiver coming to visit aged women.

In-Home Respite

If the person you care for is at home, you could arrange for a trained and licensed caregiver to provide services at the home. In-home respite care can range from a couple of hours to overnight, depending on the client's needs. This is an excellent option as your loved one will receive care and companionship as you go about your business.


Cheerful children with disabilities in respite care center.

Day Center

A day center for respite care is an excellent option for when you are busy and still want your loved one to be cared for. The staff at day centers have been offering respite care for children who are developmentally disabled as well as elderly or sick individuals for years now. They provide an excellent opportunity for socializing, but personalized care can also be arranged.


Group of senior friends sitting together in nursing home living room.

Residential Respite

Residential respite care is a great option for adults and the sick members of your family in need of short-term assistance and care. Short-term respite care services are provided at specialized facilities such as nursing homes and group homes.


Senior happy man with walking stick sitting on a couch and talking to caregiver.

Emergency Respite

If any unforeseen circumstances emerge with the primary caregiver, then emergency respite services could be provided for your loved one. If you require emergency respite care within Southern California, contact us today for more information.


Inland Respite, Inc.

Your loved ones could still receive respite care whenever you would like some time for yourself. The many respite care options mean that you could choose whichever will work for you and your schedule.

At Inland Respite, Inc. in Southern California, we offer a variety of respite care services, from in-home respite care to emergency respite care. Visit our website to learn more and choose which respite care is right for you!

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