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Why Our In-home Respite Caregivers Are the Best

When it comes to choosing the right respite services and companion caregivers for your disabled loved one, a staff’s level of expertise should be a critical factor. Inland Respite is an organization that understands a Southern California family’s desire to hire the best possible in-home respite care services for their family members. With this in mind, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to employ high-quality, caring, and professional staff members to serve our local developmentally disabled community. Discover all the major qualifications of our respite care services staff and contact us directly to learn more!

Developmentally disabled boy with his caregiver

Prior Experience in Respite Services

The most important trait our in-home respite care service staff possess is prior experience in the field. Each companion caregiver and staff member who represents Inland Respite has the expertise and on-the-job training necessary to provide quality, compassionate care to the clients that trust us to put their best interests first. In fact, our organization as a whole has been an active member of this industry for the past 15 years.

First aid class

First Aid & CPR Training for Respite Care

Outside of prior experience working with the developmentally disabled community, it’s also critical for in-home respite caregivers to be able to act quickly in emergencies. Every Inland Respite companion caregiver is CPR certified and first aid certified for infants, children, and adults.

Respite caregiver

Caring & Attentive Companion Caregivers

The level of personalized care and attentiveness each companion caregiver provides our Inland Respite patients is truly unmatched. Our mission is to make every client of ours in the Southern California area feel safe, secure, and understood. As a family-owned business, we provide respite care that is spearheaded by family values and squarely focused on providing the best quality of life for our clients.

Respite caregiver high-fiving patient

Patience in Respite Care

Working within the developmentally disabled community, we understand how critical it is to be exceptionally patient. The companion caregivers and in-home respite care providers under our company name are completely dedicated to serving our community. No matter what our clients need to live well and be safe, Inland Respite provides exactly that with a personal touch.

Get in touch with Inland Respite today to learn more about why our respite care providers are the best for your loved one!

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