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Why You Should Consider Inland Respite For Your In-Home Respite Care

Being the full-time caregiver to your loved one can leave you feeling exhausted at times. Although caregiving is an act of love and service, even the strongest caregivers need additional support day to day. At Inland Respite, we offer in-home assisted living services for developmentally disabled adults and children to provide respite for their families. We provide a variety of services and programs for different needs and stages of life.

You should consider Inland Respite for your in-home respite care because of our variety of programs and services, tailored to the individual needs of your loved one! We are a family-owned business in Southern California, and we take great pride in the high level of care we provide for our clients in the community. Respite care can help you avoid burnout as a caregiver, create a solid support system for your family, and provide many benefits to your loved one with disabilities and the family alike. Read on to learn more about why you should consider our team, and contact us for more information on the services we offer.

caretaker with wheelchair user

Respite Care for Disabled Adults and Children

Respite care is a form of in-home assisted living service, which provides temporary relief for the family caregiver. It can be provided to children or adults with a developmental disability if they are unable to live on their own, or if they need help with daily activities. Hiring a professional respite care provider from Inland Respite ensures that your loved one is receiving the highest quality care available. Our team of companion caregivers and disability experts is honored to provide care for our clients and allow their families and primary caregiver to rest and recharge their batteries.

stressed woman at kitchen table

Avoid Caregiver Burnout

How can respite care for disabled adults and children help caregivers? Our services help reduce caregiver stress and burnout by giving them the time off to take care of themselves. Providing full-time care for your loved one is an act of love, but it doesn't reflect negatively on you to need time to yourself as well. Inland Respite services allow you to do both, as it’s true that you will provide the best care when you're able to care for yourself first. Contact us today, and learn more about how our respite care services will benefit not only your loved one but you and their support system as well.

nurse holding patient's hands

Find the Right Support System

As caregivers, the right support system to help you and your disabled loved one is crucial. Inland Respite care is here to provide support to our clients and their parents, guardians, or family members. Our team can assist with daily living needs such as meals, bathing, and other routines and tasks. The support system you need is only a call away!

elderly person writing in notebook, caretaker in background folding clothes

The Benefits of In-Home Assisted Living Services

We’ve already addressed how respite care can benefit you and your family by relieving the caregiver of their duties for some time to provide relief and support to those who are providing care to a disabled individual. There are many other benefits beyond just this newfound time to care for yourself, as well. The benefits of respite care include allowing the disabled adult or child to explore new things and be provided with services from a team of in-home companion caregivers!

With companion care services from Inland Respite, your loved one will benefit from additional support and socialization as our team members visit as often as you would like. Companion care offers non-medical services to our clients in the comfort of their own homes. We also can assist with daily living needs, including tasks and routines that our clients may need support with. We strive to create a safe environment where the needs of our clients and their families are met and prioritized, and we can even create a customized care plan for your loved one if needed.

Inland Respite is here for you and your disabled loved one, and we hope you will consider us for respite care services when you are in need. To learn more about the in-home assisted living services we offer, contact our team today!

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