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Contact our Services Department for to see how we can provide respite services and companion care for your loved one. 

In-Home Respite Care

Inland Respite provides in-home care for children and adults with developmental disabilities in order to provide temporary relief to families, parents, and guardians who otherwise care for the child or adult. Inland Respite provides in-home respite care services that are compliant with two programs authorized by California Regional Centers (CRC), we offer routine respite services, and we provide preferred provider services. Continue reading to learn more about our collaboration with CRCs in Southern California, as well as our routine respite and preferred provider services.

CRC Authorized Programs

Inland Respite collaborates with California Regional Centers to provide in-home respite care covered by programs supported by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Our services may be eligible for vouchers and payments provided through the DDS. Speak with a representative at your regional center to learn if you qualify for vouchers or coupons to cover some or all of the costs of respite service. You can also continue reading to learn more about California Regional Centers and their supported in-home respite care programs below.

About CRCs

California Regional Centers operate under the Department of Developmental Services to provide support for those with developmental disabilities. As such, CRCs have programs in place to provide care for the developmentally disabled, including affordable housing programs, supported living services, and in-home respite services, among other programs. California Regional Centers also collaborate with various “vendors” who provide the services outlined under their coverage. Inland Respite is one of many collaborative vendors throughout California, and we specialize in providing in-home respite services.

Moreover, the Department of Developmental Services describes the role of CRCs: “Regional centers are nonprofit private corporations that contract with the Department of Developmental Services to provide or coordinate services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities. They have offices throughout California to provide a local resource to help find and access the many services available to individuals and their families.”

Find Your Local CRC

If you don’t already know the nearest CRC to your location, feel free to browse through the Regional Centers Directory. Inland Respite works alongside CRCs throughout Southern California, and we have offices in Corona, Indio, and Brawley — feel free to reach out to us to learn more about your nearest regional center and our service area.

In-Home Respite Care Through a CRC

California Regional Centers and the Department of Developmental Services share in our goals to provide care for those with developmental disabilities. The DDS outlines the core goals for in-home respite care:

  • “Assisting the family members to enable a person with developmental disabilities to stay at home;

  • Providing appropriate care and supervision to protect that person's safety in the absence of a family member(s);

  • Relieving family members from the constantly demanding responsibility of providing care; and

  • Attending to basic self-help needs and other activities that would ordinarily be performed by the family member.”

Inland Respite provides care in line with these goals, and we strive to continually provide excellent care from trained caregivers. Feel free to continue reading to learn more about our routine respite services and preferred provider services.

Routine Respite Services

The Routine Respite Program is an agency-driven service, where our team of professionals work together with our servicing families to find a qualified caregiver that meets the needs of the client and their family. If your loved one is authorized under this program, we will work with your family to find the appropriate caregiver based upon your family's care preferences and other factors, such as behavior needs. In order to maximize your family’s respite care services, our Services Department will ensure that your family is paired with the most compatible caregiver.

  • Providing companion care: Companion care is an excellent service for those who benefit from emotional support and socialization. Our caregivers serve as a helpful companion, creating a bond with your loved one. For example, the caretaker may play games with a developmentally disabled child, or cook a meal for a developmentally disabled adult. Companion care activities may include all of the following:

    • General socializing.

    • Creating and attending social activities (e.g. going to a movie or the zoo).

    • Exercising, including going on walks, visiting playgrounds, etc.

    • Playing games and enjoying hobbies together.

    • Collaborating with family members to help form a bond.

Companion care usually entails scheduled daily visits for several hours per day on whichever days work best throughout the week. This gives family members free time to use as they please. Simultaneously, caregivers can provide help with daily needs and tasks, as listed below.

  • Assisting with daily living needs: From cooking meals to assistance with bathing, your caretaker will help fulfill daily living needs. Daily living needs may include any of the following activities:

    • Dressing

    • Bathing and grooming

    • Toilet use

    • Cooking and meal help

    • Taking medication

  • Assisting with daily tasks and routines: Caretakers can assist with a variety of daily tasks and routines, and you can communicate with your caretaker about the routines and tasks that require assistance. Like all caregiver services, assistance will be customized for the individual, based on their unique needs and routines.

    • Assistance in getting out of bed, getting ready for the day, and eating.

    • Performing certain housekeeping tasks, which may include vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping floors, dusting, picking up, taking out the trash, doing the dishes, doing laundry, etc.

    • Transporting individuals to programs, scheduled events, etc.

  • Maintaining a safe home environment: Regardless of the amount of care and assistance your loved one needs, safety is always top priority. Your caregiver will constantly monitor your loved one, and ensure that their environment is safe and as comfortable as possible. Your caregiver may provide recommendations to improve the safety of the home environment.

  • Providing rest for parents, guardians, and family members: As caregivers ourselves, we understand how demanding it may be to provide care for those with disabilities. We aim to provide parents, guardians, and other family members with time to rest while we care for their loved ones. Parents, guardians, and other family members are free to do as they please while we provide care.



Preferred Provider Services

The Preferred Provider Program is a service that is family driven, where the servicing family chooses to have respite services provided by a personally referred caregiver. If your loved one is authorized under this program, we will work with your family to hire and train your personal caregiver. Our Services Department will ensure that services are provided appropriately and provide administrative support as needed.

Under the Preferred Provider Program, you can select a caregiver that you’d like to provide support for your loved one, we’ll ensure that they are properly trained and certified to provide care through our program, and they may be eligible for pay through vouchers, coupons, and programs which would otherwise pay for caregiver services from a traditional caregiver. If you’re curious about our Preferred Provider Program, or if you have a caregiver in mind that you’d like to enroll in our Preferred Provider Program, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for additional information or to get started.





Respite Care Is a Call Away

Inland Respite proudly provides these respite services for children and adults with developmental disabilities here in Southern California. We have three local offices in Corona, Indio, and Brawley, and we provide service to residences throughout the region. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or to enroll your loved one in a respite program! Trust Inland Respite for in-home respite and companion care, count on us to provide help for you and support for your loved one.

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